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Helpful Veterinary Resources & Articles




Partners for Healthy Pets

  • AWESOME interactive website created by the AVMF that explains the importance of wellness exams, what vets look for during those exams, questions to ask during appointments, and has fun facts and tips about pet ownership. 

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Veterinary Partner

  • Online veterinary database- great resource for a wide variety of animal health topics! Search by disease or topic, or just browse to learn more about veterinary behavior, medications, surgery, etc. 

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NorthStar VETS


  • Balance IT

    • Provides tools, recipes, and supplements for a pet's balanced nutritional needs.

  • Pet Nutrition Alliance

    • Nutrition calculators for dogs and cats to help you figure out how much to feed each day.

  • Hill's Pet Nutrition

    • Hills pet food website with information on all of their products, including prescription diets.

Pet Insurance

  • Consumers Advocate

    • Lists, ranks, and explains different pet insurance plans so owners can choose the best plan for them.

  • LendEDU​

    • "Is Pet Insurance Worth It? Evaluating the Cost"- great article that explains how pet insurance costs are determined, lists the types of coverages available, and discusses the pros and cons of getting insurance.

  • Your Dog Advisor​

    • "Is Pet Insurance Worth It?" - great article written by a financial advisor that covers everything from the basics ​of pet insurance to how to compare different plans. A great resource for anyone interested in getting insurance for their fur baby!

Care Credit Veterinary Financing


  • Great info and news about what's new in veterinary medicine, including articles written by veterinarians.

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Merck Veterinary Manual

Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine


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