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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

"We have been bringing our pets to VVH for the last 16 plus years! We have always loved the care and treatment we received! Always kind and caring! Best in SJ!! Appointment was on time! Doctors and staff are all professional and friendly! Answered all our questions!"

     - Bill R.
"We love all the staff at Village Vet. They have taken care of our furry family members for over 20 years and have handled every circumstance imaginable with compassion and love. We would never entrust our pets to anyone else. They treat all of our pets like they are family. VVH for life!"
     - Sue S. 

"We've been bringing our dogs here for 15 years and have nothing but the highest praise for everyone here. From the reception desk to the techs and the doctors everyone is highly professional and very caring. They are always on time and devote a lot of time and attention to you and your pet. They are quick to return a phone call and point you in the right direction. Our dogs have always gotten the best care and excellent medical attention."

     - Patricia H.

"My family has used Village Vet for at least 20 years (probably closer to 25). They have diagnosed and treated some extremely rare conditions our dogs have encountered over the years and are extremely diligent in their routine checkups. I wouldn't trust taking my pets to anyone, but Village Vet. These docs know what they're doing!"

     - Brad B.

"We have been using Village Vet for over 20 years and could not be happier. They are caring, thorough doctors. Dr. Lipman is usually who I see and she is amazing. Caring, knowledgeable, and has always made the right decisions regarding our pets. I have also seen both Dr. James Massaro and Dr. Andrew Massaro and have felt very comfortable that both of these physicians truly cared about our babies and gave us incredible care."

     - Mike V.

"I can't say enough great things about Village Vet! The staff is wonderful & extremely knowledgeable. Dr. Massaro went about and beyond to help me when my cat Trixie was sick. Scheduling an appointment is always easy and you are seen in a timely manner- I also appreciate the separate dog and cat waiting areas. The Vets are very patient and take the time to listen to all of your concerns. If you're looking for wonderful Veterinarians, Village Veterinary is the place to go."

     - Kelly B.

"I just want to share from a client's perspective how genuinely nice and helpful and professional your office staff ALWAYS is. Always. Each and every time I am there I am met with such friendly, courteous staff. And it's not just your office staff- it's your vet technicians as well. It's everything. Even the hospital is immaculate; it couldn't be more welcoming and warm. Often I find myself recommending Village Vet to new pet owners or even to strangers with pets!"

     - Jill H.

"Super Vets! Very caring and skilled staff. They have a separate dog & cat waiting area, which is so important for cat people. They have cared for my cats for 14+ years, and I've never considered going anywhere else. Their rates are competitive, but their care cannot be matched. All the doctors and their staff are professional, compassionate and knowledgeable. They are the best in the Medford area."

     - Candy W.

"I have used Village Vet for over 14 years and other members in my family have used them even longer. They are extremely caring and very good at what they do. Additionally, when there have been more serious issues involving my dogs that could get quite expensive, Dr. Massaro gives all of the treatment options but often recommended the least expensive. I have always found their prices to be very reasonable as well."

     - Phyllis L.

"We have been bringing our two dogs here for the past year or so. We love these veterinarians! We usually see Dr. Andrew Massaro. He always listens very intently to all of our concerns and answers them thoroughly. He has taken the time to get to know our pups, and we feel very safe in his care! We would trust our dogs in the hands of any of the vets in this practice. We can tell everyone in the office genuinely cares about our dogs. We highly recommend this practice!"

     - Moriah B.

"They are really good. They are very personal, they know us, they know the animals when we walk in, and they are really conscientious. They make follow up phone calls if something is going wrong. They are gentle and really, really good with the animals. Anybody could trust their animals to them."

     - Susan V.

"I brought my new puppy into Village Vet and they were so helpful and answered all of my questions with such patience (this is my first dog so there was a lot!). Their staff was also very welcoming. I will definitely be bringing my new little guy back!"

     - Sarah T.

"I work in health care, and because of my medical knowledge, I tend to be very persnickety about the vets that I will use for my animals. I expect them to receive the same expert care that I would demand for myself, if not better. I have now been going to Village Veterinary for 20 years, entrusting them with the medical needs of my beloved dogs. All the staff (vets, vet technicians, receptionist) are professional, competent, and genuinely care about their clients, both animal and animal's caretaker. If you have any concerns, even if you have not had an office visit recently, a vet will always call you back and address your problem. And, if you need to see a specialist (for example, cardiologist, oncologist, board certified surgeon, etc.), the vets do not hesitate to refer you to another facility for assistance. The office is always clean, and there are 2 separate waiting areas to separate dogs and cats. I have been to other vets in the area, both before choosing them, and in recent years, due to needing a specialist or emergency clinic. This place is simply the best. Besides providing superb veterinary care, they are reasonable in their rates, and never try to coerce you into having unnecessary tests to bring the bill up (which I have found some other offices do). They thoroughly discuss medical options with you and let you decide what is necessary. I have had dogs with end-stage diseases, and when it got to the point that I didn't want to put them through anymore aggressive care, they helped me make my dogs as comfortable as possible at home (pain medications, fluids, etc.) and provided telephone support to me. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Village Vet. If you are looking for kind, compassionate, skilled vets who care about both you and your animals, and are reasonably priced, then this is the veterinary clinic / hospital for you and your beloved animal companion."

     - Vickie S.

"We now live 40 minutes away from Medford and have tried other vets closer to us, but keep ending up going back to village vet. They are compassionate, well educated doctors and the support staff are amazing. Over the years we have tested their knowledge quite a bit. From bladder stones, to broken legs, to cancer...they have been right on the money each time."

     - Laura R.

"My dog Herbie has been seen by every vet at this clinic and we have had a great experience with each one of them. Village Veterinary Hospital saved my puppy's life when he had a very severe case of pneumonia. The staff are always very friendly and attentive!"

     - Lindsey D.

"We've been coming coming here since 1993. Our dogs, Trixie and Rocky, Dalmatians, received excellent care from the VVH doctors. Now, our third pup, Dakota, has taken a liking to VVH's wonderful staff and vets"

     - Pat W.

"We had a great experience at Village Veterinary Hospital. From the Doctors, the technicians and the receptionists everyone was so kind and professional. The office is so clean and welcoming. We will definitely be bringing our new puppy here for many years!"

     - Abby W.

"I've been bringing my pets to Village Veterinary Hospital for 17 years, they've been wonderful . The doctors and staff have shared in my joy as I welcomed a new pet into my life, offered me guidance during times of illness and provided me with comfort during the final visit. Thank you for years of wonderful care, I highly recommend them for your pet's care."

     - Leigh S.

"The facility was clean and pleasant, the receptionist and technicians friendly and professional, and the doctor was on time with our appointment, gentle and caring. He listened and asked questions to ensure he had a thorough picture of our dog's health, and explained the treatments and options. The visit went very smoothly. I highly recommend Village Veterinary Hospital."

     - Mary Ann B.

"Very skilled surgeons- very good calls in tight spots. They offer all options and let you make the decision, and never ever make you feel judged. Highly recommended. I keep going because I trust them. I've been going for probably 20+ years."

     - Denise W.

"We have been visiting the Village Veterinary Hospital over the last 9 years, ever since we got our dog, Delilah, when she was just 3 months old. The Village Vet Drs. and staff are very friendly, personable and considerate to meet our needs whenever we call.  You can reach out to them to get an appointment any time your dog is in need.  During the last 9 years, Delilah has had three surgeries, in addition to her regular checkups, and has always been well taken care of. We truly appreciate their dedication and professional services. Many thanks Village Vet!"

     - Xiaogong L.

"I have been coming to Village Veterinary Hospital for over 20 years. They have seen me through one cat and two dogs. I am so confident in their treatment and love for our babies. I moved to Philadelphia almost four years ago, tried a vet here, and of course came back to Village Vet because there is nobody like them in all aspects of care. I am a lifelong customer!"

     - Carol V.

"My family and I have been going to Village Vet for about 17 years and all of our cats and dogs go to this vet. We have had great experiences with Village Vet. My dog has had a few surgeries for lump and my other dog had to get his dewclaw removed. Dr. Massaro performed both surgeries and he is ALWAYS so thorough. My older dog has had elevated liver levels and Dr. Massaro has also been very thorough with explaining the medical terms. I also had to put my first pet (cat) down and Dr. Lipman was SO kind and helpful with the situation and procedure. She really helped put me at ease, especially since during these times it's very hard to think clearly and we always second guess our decisions as our animals age because we want them around forever. I love this vet and so does my family and I highly recommend them. Dr. Pehrman is also wonderful and we have had the pleasure of having her during our yearly checkups. All 3 vets that we have had are very thorough with our animals examinations."

     - Pamela A.

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